Experience the true efficacies of Korean ginseng
continued on a thousand years of tradition
with Chamdahan Red Ginseng.

Korean ginseng, History in the thousands of years

Korean Ginseng, the most well-known natural restorative in the East, has long been widely used as a medicinal herb in Eastern medicine.
In the past, ginseng had the value of gold, as it was difficult to obtain due to slow growth and storage in difficulty. Thus, in order to prolong the shelf life and enhance the efficacies, red ginseng was developed by steaming and drying fresh ginseng.

During the process of steaming and drying fresh ginseng, the starch granules in the flesh are turned into a paste, the flesh becomes denser, and various enzymes get inactivated, which in turn improves the stability of ginseng quality. During heat treatment, a secondary component transformation occurs and active substances that are not present in fresh or white ginseng are formed in the red ginseng.

Not much had changed up until the present day, where modern methods have allowed us to cultivate wild ginseng and deliver it to you through Chamdahan's technology and formulation that is safe, natural, and more effective than ever.

Korean red ginseng has gained recognition in the global red ginseng market for its excellent quality and medicinal efficacy, and it is being exported all over the world including the U.S.A., Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The red ginseng manufacturing process

Korean red ginseng is made by steaming and drying fresh ginseng (ginseng picked from the farm), repeating several times.