Why Choose Korean Ginseng?

The best of the best, find your wellness in Chamdahan red ginseng.

Rhizome of Korea Red Ginseng
Containing a large amount of ginsenosides. The head part (Rhizome) has excellent anti-hepatitis, anti-inflammation, and   anti-ulcer effects, in addition to detoxifying alcohol and preventing diarrhea.

Main Root of Korea Red Ginseng
With high sugar content, it tastes sweet and has a soft texture.
It is effective against lack of energy, fatigue and thirst, and recommended to those with hypotension.

Fine Roots of Korea Red Ginseng
The fine roots are effective against hypertension, coughing and nausea.

Korean ginseng products are known to have the best effectiveness among all ginseng produced worldwide. The reason lies in the ginseng cultivation environment.

Korea has the optimum soil for growing ginseng. The optimum soil conditions for ginseng growth include cool temperature in the range of 20~25°C   and semi-shaded area with luminous intensity of 10,000 lux. Also, the soil should show fine cracks when you open your hand after gripping it lightly.

Ginseng produced in other countries, which are located higher than Korea in terms of latitude, have a shorter growth period and the size of red ginseng is smaller. In addition to having the most ideal soil conditions for ginseng growth, Korea is also in possession of the world’s best ginseng cultivation techniques, which have been passed down for thousands of years.

Using the traditional red ginseng production method and its unique technology, Chamdahan produces invaluable red ginseng, which retains large amounts of nutrients without any losses of the essence.