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Why Choose Chamdahan Red Ginseng?

Premium Red Ginseng Products Manufactured with Core Technologie

Chamdahan Red Ginseng Technology

Ultra-fine powder with high absorption rate

Red ginseng with active ingredients

No synthetic flavoring and no synthetic food additives

01.  Chamdahan Red Ginseng is not red ginseng extract boiled in water.

Did you know that only 47.8% of all nutrients in red ginseng get dissolved into the water when boiled? The remaining 52.2% (non-water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients) do not get extracted.

A Comparison of Ginseng Nutrient Extraction Rate by Solvent

Solvent Extraction rate
Water 47.8%
Ethanol(35%) 46.6%
Ethanol(55%) 43.5%
Ethanol(75%) 34.4%
Ethanol(anhydrous) 17.8%
Ether 0.68%

*Issued on April 5, 1998, The Latest Ginseng Cultivation, p. 28 (Co-authors: Jo Jae-seong, Mok Seong-gon, Won Jun-yeon)

Chamdahan Red Ginseng is manufactured by grinding red ginseng whole. Also, in order to maximize the extraction and absorption rates, the cell walls are broken down and powderized into an ultra-fine particle size, with an active ingredient yield of nearly 90%~95%

VacuoleA spherical organelle that contains water, waste and various substances needed by the cell

Chlorophyll Absorbs solar power and uses it to make glucose, a nutrient for plants

Cell wallA hard enclosure outside the cell membrane that gives the cell its shape

NucleusAn organelle that contains the genetic material of the cell and controls cellular activity

Cell membraneA cover that wraps around the cytoplasm and acts as a filter, controlling what can be transported into and out of the cell

All plant (incl. ginseng) cells have cell walls (cellulose).
In order to absorb all the nutrients inside the cells, the cell walls must be broken down first. However, humans and carnivorous animals do not n aturally produce cellulase, which is the enzyme needed to break down cell walls. This is why the nutrients from plants get excreted by the body, without being absorbed.

In the case of herbivorous animals, their bodies synthesize cellulase (through symbiotic microorganisms), and this is why they can absorb all the nutrients inside the cell walls. The reason elephants and giraffes can maintain their large body size, despite feeding solely on plants, is that they are able to break down cell walls and obtain all the nutrients from the inside.

In order for humans to absorb the abundant nutrients from red ginseng, there is a need to mechanically break it down into smaller pieces to enlarge the surface area, in addition to breaking down the cell walls and extracting out all the nutrients inside.

02.  Chamdahan Red Ginseng contains red ginseng powder that has retained the ginseng essence.

Did you know that some of the ginseng essence along with the nutrients can be lost in the process of steaming and drying fresh ginseng into red ginseng?

Chamdahan Red Ginseng retains all of the nutrients in red ginseng by preventing the loss of the fresh ginseng essence during the steaming process. To explain, just as yellow juice gets extracted when steaming sweet potatoes, the essence of fresh ginseng may also get drained out. Compared to regular red ginseng, which are red in color, Chamdahan Red Ginseng contains the dark brown essence, and this is why it turns black once it is dried.

All of the products from Chamdahan are made with red ginseng that are black in color due to the fresh ginseng essence that stays intact and the increase in active ingredients thanks to the multi-control technology. They also have an exceptionally high ginsenoside content.

What is Ginsenosides?

Ginsenosides are saponins that are only found in ginseng and red ginseng. Although they make up only 0.07~1.64% of the total content, they are one of the active ingredients in red ginseng that have excellent efficacy for the human body, and are the determinant for the functional certification given by the MFDS. However, you should keep in mind that the most important thing when it comes to red ginseng is that the cell walls must be broken for complete absorption of all the nutrients, while the ginsenoside content can be referred to as secondary information.

03.  Chamdahan Red Ginseng does not contain the five unnecessary additives.

Did you know that additives such as gellan gum, xanthan gum, agave syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and cyclodextrin are used to get rid of the bitter taste from red ginseng?
Chamdahan creates a healthy sweet flavor, without using any of these additives, so that the products are safe to eat even for children.

Synthetic additives

Gellan gum A food additive used to increase adhesiveness and viscosity, promote emulsification stability, and improve texture and other properties of the food product
Xanthan gum A food additive used to increase adhesiveness and viscosity, promote emulsification stability, and improve texture and other properties of the food product, and applied as a stabilizer, viscosity agent, binding agent, emulsifier, foaming agent, etc.
Other fructose ingredients Agave syrup and HFCS such as palatinose